Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Analytics@Scale for Predictive and Forensic Modeling

December 8 10:15 am - 11:15 am
Analytics@Scale for Predictive and Forensic Modeling

Goldman Sachs has been at the forefront of applying sophisticated statistical models, machine learning and artificial intelligence on big and fast data. Our talk will showcase business-use-cases implemented on a variety of Big Data Technologies, including HDFS, HBase, Spark, and MapReduce. – Our private cloud houses 100s of thousands of hosts across the world running thousands of business critical software systems. In this talk, we’ll discuss how we’re re-imagining this space by building predictive, anomaly detection and forecasting models that are trained on big historical data and are designed to replace human decision making. – As a financial participant facilitating millions of transactions, compliance across geographies and markets is paramount. In order to highlight suspicious activity and connect the dots, financial systems need to sift through billions of data-points. We will talk about the computing architecture and running distributed algorithms with low latency.