Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Design Thinking Simulation – Design Dive (By Invite Only)

December 9 10:15 am - 12:30 pm
TRACK: Leadership
Strategy 2

Across the world, Design Thinking is changing the way we look at problems, explore opportunities and seek out solutions. Design Thinking, with its empathy-based, prototype-driven philosophy, is transforming cultures, creating visions and positively impacting customer experiences in the most inspiring ways. Which is why companies around the world are bringing in Design Thinking in everything they do. At its heart, Design Thinking is a process of collaborative problem solving, where every department, function and stakeholder can apply the principles and processes to augment user experience and improve profitability and performance. ‘Design Dive’ is a simulation that throws a Design Challenge at participants! It provides them with an overview of Design Thinking philosophy, principles and processes, to stimulate their thinking and re-orient their minds towards ‘Human Centered Design’. The program helps participants look at problems from different perspectives, challenge biases and assumptions and co-create solutions leveraging innovative thinking and collaboration.