Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Growth Hacking Strategies for Start-Ups

December 9 9:00 am - 9:30 am
TRACK: Entrepreneurship
Aura 3
Lightning Talk
LEVEL: Beginner

In this start-up age,90% of tech start-ups fail of which 70% fail due to pre-mature scaling(ref: The critical factor that defines a successful start-up is the Growth Hacking strategy they adopt. Very high growth or too little growth is detrimental for the business. The right mix of growth hacking techniques, tactics and tools are the mantra of the day. Some strategies are popular of late and start-ups rely on these strategies to retain and increase customer base. But what entrepreneurs do not realize is that these strategies work only under a set of conditions and not all strategies are effective for every business. This session will explains what is Growth Hacking? Why is it essential? The various techniques and popular strategies and constraints associated with it.