Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


iConnect: Data Fabric: Connecting the Clouds

December 8 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Aura 3

What if you could access your data seamlessly across wherever it may be located, move your data anywhere you choose, while maintaining your preferred experience and level of control? A new model of hybrid cloud is here, giving one the power to access and move freely between heterogeneous environments, be it on-premise, service providers, hyper scale clouds and anything in-between. This is called as NetApp ® Data Fabric. The objective of this talk is to acknowledge the challenges in a hybrid cloud environment and provide details on how NetApp is trying to address these problems. The talk will cover NetApp’s architecture for Hybrid Cloud i.e., NetApp® Data Fabric, which is a software-defined approach to data management that enables businesses to connect disparate data management and storage resources and streamline data management between on-premises and cloud storage. The products and services that compose NetApp’s Data Fabric are designed to provide customers with the agility they need to quickly and efficiently move data to and from the cloud retrieve data from the cloud and move data from one cloud provider to another as business requirements change