Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Internet of Everything: Grassroots to Megacorps

December 8 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
TRACK: Technical - Emerging Technologies
Aura 2
Internet of Everything: Grassroots to Megacorps
LEVEL: Beginner

Ever wondered what exactly does it mean – “Information of Everything”? This session couples lightning talks on emerging trends in this area. We will start with a presentation on ‘Brilliant Manufacturing – transforming Manufacturing through IIOT’. It will acquaint you with the journey that involves – ‘Get Connected’, ‘Get Insights’ and ‘Get Optimized’. This is followed by a lightning talk on ‘Smart Irrigation using LoRa Technology’. Agriculture being the major source of economy in India, face the problem of inadequate power and water supply. LoRa technology can predict the optimum amount of water required that will work without Internet connectivity over long duration using minimal power. And finally we have a lightning talk on ‘Cellular IoT- Marching Towards Massive IoT’, on how mobile network operators can make full use of emerging IoT market. The talk will cover existing wireless technologies for IoT devices as well as evolving Cellular-IoT technology.