Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Non Volatile Memories – NVMe Over Fabric and Programming Models

December 8 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
TRACK: Technical - Systems Engineering
LEVEL: Advanced

More recently fast persistent media such as flash on PCIe (e.g., Intel Optane with 3DX-Point technology) and non-volatile memory (NVM) on memory bus (e.g., phase change memory, memristor) have come into existence. With persistence available at such low latency, the onus has shifted to the software stack to allow faster access to this storage media. To access the fast PCIe-based Flash media at high speeds an optimized protocol – NVMe protocol has come into existence. Moreover, to access an NVMe-based remote appliance, we need a faster network protocol and hence the birth of NVMe over Fabric (NVMeOF). Also, to access NVM on memory bus more effectively, there is a lot of research happening in (a) programming models, and (b) usage models, which address some of the challenges in software design to access NVM media. This talk will cover the programming and usage models for NVM and NVMe/NVMeOF protocol in detail.