Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Own Your Happiness at Work (By Invite Only)

December 9 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Strategy 2

Happiness and work often do not get mentioned in the same sentence. The need to be happy at the workplace doesn’t seem to be spoken about often. Yet enough research is proving that happiness and wellbeing are important for a thriving workforce and indirectly the company’s bottom line. At the mid to senior career level, the sense of happiness begins to diminish. The work that earlier seemed to give us happiness and a sense of fulfilment, doesn’t feel the same. This session will bring to you ways in which you can renew your connection to your happiness at work. Renewing your health, pursuing the idea of help, either by giving or by receiving it in some fashion, creating harmony so things around you happen with more grace and ease. Summarized, this is – Health, Help and Harmony. While this is very easy to speak about, the difference lies in putting them into action with a habit change over next 100 days, with doable actions from the head, heart and hands. This talks also looks at how to change a habit in 100 days. From the head comes identification of the change you want and an understanding of the dynamics of personal change in general. From the heart – the resolve to change and how to harness it. From the hands – the actual practise, that makes it a habit. Head Heart Hands.