Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Product Management Evolution in Divergent Technological Sectors: An Insight

December 8 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
TRACK: Technical - Tech Products A to Z
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Product Management Evolution in Divergent Technological Sectors: An Insight

Imagine getting money or having a medical diagnosis – all on your mobile even when you are in a remote village! Advances in technology now have changed the way various industries such as finance, health care and telecom provide user friendly options to the common people, even in rural India. These have helped government services too – delivery of passport, Aadhar linked citizen services and income tax automation! While this tech journey has begun somewhere in the 1980’s with the popular main frames, now in 2016 the technology has scaled up with Artificial Intelligence powered by Data Analytics, IOT and Mobitech, a click in a handheld device can make it happen. Thus today we are experiencing benefits from these technology advancements in the form of robot hand operating critical surgeries, a robot providing customer service and would be there me more surprises! This session is aimed to discuss on the product line and technology evolution in HealthCare, Finance and B2B-B2C domains. The speakers will share their experiences and also share some tips on the strategies and focus areas that may help to sustain such products. Since India is emerging as startup arena, the speakers will also touch upon product management aspects in startups. The target audience for this session is Early Career, Mid-Career and Senior Product Managers.