Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Product Management: One on One

December 8 9:00 am - 10:00 am
TRACK: Technical - Tech Products A to Z
Aura 3
Lightning Talk

What is common between Amazon, Unilever, Nike or any company, which grows and keeps growing? It has its own fan base i.e. customers. Do you as a customer have a preferred choice when it comes to your toothpaste, search engine, service aggregators? YES, YOU DO! So what is the secret behind attracting new customers, increasing the fan base and retaining them to a company’s product/service.“Innovate or die” is the survival mantra of organizations in this era of competition in the global marketplace. Since Product strategy and management is moving from being driven by experience and intuition to quantitative methods, the decisions being made are based on data and are much more grounded and this in turn, increases the probability of success. These decisions affect acquisition and retention and ultimately revenues growth. Through these lightning talks, we will take you through a journey – highlighting the strategies to find and approach new customer profiles and use existing data to delight and retain these customers. The session will focus on traits that a product manager needs to develop, methodologies and frameworks that can be followed by the product management function to keep innovation wheel running.