Grace Hopper India Annual Conference Schedule


Psychology in Management

December 9 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
TRACK: Management Excellence
Aura 2

Managers, do YOU feel it? Being equipped or trained with a host of management and leadership skills is not always the recipe for a successful career as a leader. It includes managing a team member’s meaningful interaction between humans, understanding of human psychology, personality types and needs and most importantly the recognition of an Individual as a human. The critical enablement capability all managers and leaders can bring to the workplace, is something that is innate to each one of us – empathy. Defined as the ability to feel, recognize and share other people’s feelings, empathy has been considered the differentiating factor for a good manager and leader. This session highlights why empathy is the most important tool in a manager’s toolbox and why the workplace is devoid of what each individual, especially leaders need to demonstrate the most. The session will focus on: What is empathy and what is the need to prioritize understanding and practicing empathy? Why are we not using empathy with all our friends/ colleagues and/or acquaintances? What does empathy involve when we get down to the brass tacks? What is happening to your body neurobiological when you are being empathetic and more. Understanding and practicing based on the key points highlighted in this session, will give leaders and managers the opportunity to truly enable their colleagues.